Local Plan Timetable

Calderdale submitted their Local Plan for Inspection back in January 2019.
The Inspection will take place in two parts, the first part is yet to be completed, the second part will probably take place in Summer 2020

Clifton & Brighouse sites

Calderdale Council decided to focus all the significant growth in South East Calderdale. With major developments already underway in neighbouring Kirklees. Find out more about Calderdale's plans at their website

Thornhills Lane

If it is permitted, Thornhills Lane garden suburb will be one of the largest developments in Calderdale. We believe the development used flawed data in the justification for the proposal, find out on our wepage

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The Planning Inspector starts from the assumption that the Council prepared a sound and justified plan. The examination is a formal process that will test the various elements of the plan.

The Local Plan was submitted in January 2019, meaning it would be examined under the old arrangements (NPPF 2012). The first phase hearings started in June 2019, and have yet to conclude. If the plan is found to be sound and legally compliant, the next heaerings could take place in Summer 2020

The Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum (CVNF) is working on a Neighbourhood Plan for Clifton, and they welcome all input/contributions. If you have a specific question, or would like to contribute to their plan, we advise you contact the CVNF via their website

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We’ve compiled a list of the top questions we’re asked on the local plan

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planning guidelines

This is the key document that the Local Plan will be considered against. This is the 2012 version*


The Council for the Protection of Rurual England campaigns to preserve greenbelt and villages


A guide on how local plan examinations will be conducted, and what to expect if you wish to attend


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You can find out more information on the village, the work of the forum by visiting the Clifton Village Community Association and the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum

Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum

Clifton Village Community Association

Information on this page was previously available on the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum’s website.

Local Plan news

Clifton EZ update – November 2019

Our friends at the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum issued the following update “Calderdale Council recently announced a submission of futher information on their environmental statement

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Clifton EZ-questions

CVNF urge participation – Clifton Forum Chairman, Tony Perryman, has confirmed the CVNF will be releasing a ‘questions to consider document’; the document will be

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Forum to consider response

The Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum will consider a response to the consultation exercise undertaken by Calderdale Council. The Forum will issue an official announcement later

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Enterprise Park Consultation

Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority will be holding public drop-in sessions to hear your views on the proposed business park. Wednesday 20th February

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