Calderdale's local plan explained in a few charts

Population changes.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates poulation changes for UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The ONS estimates Calderdale’s population will increase by around 5,000 citizens over the plan period.

Population changes


Calderdale's plan for housing growth

Calderdale’s plan for housing growth has changed over the local plan period. 

The original idea was for most development to take place in Halifax area, however as you can see from the chart, this has now shifted to Brighouse.

Calderdale's plan for housing growth

Brighouse allocations

Under Calderdale Council’s draft Local Plan, nearly half Calderdale’s growth is focused on Brighouse.

Brighouse allocations are categorised as strategic extensions (garden suburbs) and other Brighouse allocations.

Brighouse allocations

Calderdale's land value decline

Benchmark land value (BLV) is a critical component of the viability assessment.  The BLV provides the baseline against which the viability of a particular scheme/site is tested.

BLV explained

To ensure viability, the costs of any requirements likely to be applied to
development, such as requirements for affordable housing, standards, infrastructure contributions or other requirements should, when taking account of the  normal cost of development and mitigation, provide competitive returns to a willing land owner and willing developer to enable the development to be deliverable

Calderdale's changing land values

Average timescale for local plans

Average timescale for strategic local plan adoption (days), from plan submisison to the Planning Inspectorate through to being found sound and then adopted.

What would this mean for Calderdale?

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Found sound

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Local Plan Timetable

Calderdale submitted their Local Plan for Inspection back in January 2019.
The Inspection will take place in two parts, the first part is yet to be completed, the second part will probably take place in Summer 2020

Clifton & Brighouse sites

Calderdale Council decided to focus all the significant growth in South East Calderdale. With major developments already underway in neighbouring Kirklees. Find out more about Calderdale's plans at their website

Thornhills Lane

If it is permitted, Thornhills Lane garden suburb will be one of the largest developments in Calderdale. We believe the development used flawed data in the justification for the proposal, find out on our wepage