Local Plan Examination information

Local Plan-Examination Guide

Guidance from the Planning Inspectorate on how the Local Plan will be examined

Planning inspector appointed

Katie Child B.Sc (Hons) MA MRTPI has been appointed to examine Calderdale’s Local Plan.

The examination will be held in two parts, the first part was from Wednesday 26th June 2019 until Friday 5th July 2019, the next hearings will be held in late September/early October 2020.

The Government expects local authorities to have a local plan for their area. This plan establishes planning policies, how land will be used and what can be built where. Development of local plans should be consistent with National Policy Guidelines.

Local Plan timetable



25 June – expected date for local plan examination to commence


11 June – Cabinet approved draft local plan

21 June – Calderdale Council review draft local plan

10 August – Public consultation starts

24 September – Public consultation closes