Defibrillators in Clifton

village-close up

Defibrillator – Methodist Church


Defibrillator – Clifton Kiosk

Deep Lane

Post boxes in Clifton

village-close up

Half way up Clifton Common 

Priority box

Towngate/Towngate Avenue

Top of Deep Lane

Priority box

Towngate (near school)

Maps provided by the Ordance Survey and used under an open government licence

Recycling and Household Waste information

Recycling and waste collection

Walks around Clifton

Clifton resident Brian Birkby has kindly shared three ideas for local walks around Clifton Village.

5 mile walk

Explore Clifton and Hartshead

5.2 mile walk

Explore Clifton and Baliff Bridge

6.5 mile walk

Explore Clifton and Hartshead

Defibrillator - Clifton Kiosk

The defibrillator is located inside the Clifton Kiosk

2019 collection

Defibrillator - Methodist Church

The defibrillator is located outside Clifton Methodist Church

2019 collection