The Thornhills Lane site (Clifton Area on the map) is the largest single development proposed in the draft Calderdale Local Plan, the proposal suggests over 1,900 dwellings could be built on the site.

The site is currently greenbelt land and forms a distinct boundary for the village of Clifton.

The scale of the Thornhills Lane (Clifton Area) site

Key facts about site LP 1463

Calderdale's Vision for Clifton (click image to enlarge)

Neighbouring Kirklees has already published their Local Plan with housing developments on a similar scale and a new industrial estate at Cooper Bridge (all feeding to M62 J25)

For the proposals to be sound and deliverable, there would need to be significant investment in infrastructure – particularly roads, water, waste-water and power.

This could lead to ribbon development, the worst possible outcome for South East Calderdale. Ribbon development would mean decades of disruption for Brighouse and partially developed land without the accompanying infrastructure