We’re an ancient village, mentioned in the Domesday Book, (and some of us certainly feel ancient). Still, we’ve embraced t’internet and social media; we know this is how some people like to catch up on village news and events.

We’re a small team of volunteers (running on tea and biscuits) and keeping the various websites, and social media accounts, up-to-date is a continuous project (yes, we eat lots of biscuits!).

Recently the lovely people at Thornhels asked if we’d host their website (we’ve agreed, send chocolate biscuits as payment), and this has prompted a discussion around the challenge of maintaining several websites.

The good news is that all Clifton news and events will soon be at www.cliftonvillage.org.uk, meaning there’s only one website for you to visit, making it easier for us to maintain, and to cut down on the number of biscuits we’re eating!

The various organisations will continue to own and manage their domains (and email accounts), you’ll know you’re on the village website by the White Rose in your browser!