Clifton Village Support Network

We’re a support network for Clifton Village. Funding to establish the scheme was provided by Clifton Village Community Association, and we are supported by Clifton Methodist Church and St John’s Church, Clifton.

Our objectives are to assist people in Clifton Village who may need practical help collecting essential supplies (shopping) or emotional support during the current evolving situation.

Safeguarding vulnerable people

We have developed a support network with safeguards at the heart of what we do with Local Coordinators’ network. 

Our Local Coordinators are the link with individual volunteers, and individual volunteers recruited by the Local Coordinators, this way, we will know everyone in our network.

To keep you safe:

Volunteers will never ask to enter your house

You will never be asked to hand over a credit/debit card

You will never be asked to hand over money in advance

Need help?

You can call us on 07873 323241 if you need practical help or want to talk to someone. 

Please stay safe and take care, remember a volunteer will never ask for money in advance, ask you to hand over your debit/credit card or request to enter your house.

We’re here to help or listen.