save Thornhills

Thornhills is an ancient hamlet in Clifton, Brighouse. We are campaigning to save our ancient settlement from Calderdale’s bulldozers. We were excluded from the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum (CVNF) and so this is our collective voice.



We are campaigning to save Thornhills from wholesale destruction by Calderdale Council


We accept some building is inevitable, but the scale and type proposed is disproportionate

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Calderdale's Climate Emergency


We find it perverse that Calderdale Council wants to destroy greenbelt, with all the ecological benefits of water retention, carbon capture and promoting a diverse wildlife. It’s even more confusing when you consider Calderdale declared a climate emergency at the start of 2019

a flawed case?

Calderdale Council wants to build over 4,000 dwellings in South East Calderdale; we believe their case is flawed.


Local plan - The saga continues

Calderdale’s Local Plan has yet to be found sound and in 2022 there will be further hearings.


We’re campaigning to save our ancient hamlet and greenbelt


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